You will all notice that my official website has recently been given a face-lift! I think it looks great, and a new engine has been installed which will enable me to update the news section wherever I may be in the world. Lets give it up for Stephen Hamilton, my hot Web Master who has made this all possible! Thank you Steve in San Diego, and to our originator, Stein in Norway!

We're already at the end of the first third of this year, time travels too dang fast! I saw the New Year in with my family in New Zealand, returned to LA January 10th and headed to Utah on the 16th for the Sundance Film festival. A film I shot in Fiji in 2001 called, "The Land has Eyes" was invited to the Festival, and I was happy to attend the festival to help promote the film, and to do some film industry networking in the snow flakes of Park City.

The month of February was taken up by the AFM (American Film Market) and numerous functions, including the Golden Globes, the Spirit Awards, a Celebration of New Zealand Cinema, and how could we forget the Oscars. A great year for my home country!! Do check out the function photo sections.

Amidst all the glamor, I also completed an intensive acting course with the awesome Margie Haber. I got so much out of her process and highly recommend her Studio to all actors. I've also had quite a few auditions, mostly for feature films, and I’ve happily booked two films, which shoot in LA in May. The first is a cameo role in a feature called, "Deadly", which accurately depicts actual events which took place in Ontario, Canada during the 1990s. Horrific crimes committed by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

I'm still waiting for the paper work to be put in place before I can announce the other film, but I can say I'm very excited about it! I also recently auditioned for "Serenity", a feature film written and to be directed by Josh Whedon, based on his television series. A great opportunity for me to audition for Joss, and I did good in the room, but they had to go with a much bigger name as the film is made up of mostly unknown actors.

It looks like I might be heading back to New Zealand in the month of April, will tell you more once all is locked in place. So stay tuned to the official new look Rena Owen website for breaking news, new photos and press articles to be added. Thank you for being a part of my world!


What's New With Rena 

In this area of my site, I will keep you updated on what I'm up to, what projects I have going, and where I am. Stay tuned!

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